Consultancy on offer for 


* HR Set-up

* Organizational Effectiveness

* Fitness Counselling

* Career Counselling

* HRMS implementation

* HR policies 


* How we go about achieving it- Life is beautiful

How we go about achieving it- Life is beautiful.   I concentrate working on clients from the inside out.


Real life is experienced when the self image of an individual is correct- Self-image is the personal view, or mental picture, that we have of ourselves.  Self-image is not permanently fixed- it is dynamic and changing and we need to know about our individuality.  Every self image according to me is unique. Today the world around trainers are shouting about Personality development, the question which comes to me is What about individuality?  Are we aware of our individuality and self image. Let us become Aware, Speak to me- I will Help !! 




HR & NLP Student

Ameya    Karambe



* HR, Human Resource Management, HRMP, HRBP
* HR setup
* Human Resource Automation
* HR systems and Technology
* Strategic Business HR
* Job Analysis/ Job Description/Job Specification
* Targeted Selection
* Training Management & Training Design
* Talent Management
* Recruitment Strategy 
* Organizational Development & Effectiveness
* Organizational Strategy
* Productivity Consciousness
* Hiring, Sourcing, Interviewing, Selection
* Benefits and Compensation
* Payroll Administration
* Talent Development / Retention
* Human Resource Administration
* Neuro Linguistic Programming

* Deep tissue Massage

* Fitness Training






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